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Batman Movies Quiz – Welcome to Gotham City

Batman is the legendary comic book hero in a big-eared hood. In terms of popularity and the volume of produced pop-cultural content among comic book characters, it truly has no equal. Let's remember the epic characters and exciting moments - let's start Batman Movies Quiz!

Batman Movies Quiz - Welcome!

What is Batman Movies Quiz?

  1. We ask you 15 questions about Batman movies.
  2. There are 4 possible answers, you must choose only one.
  3. Answer all questions and you will find out how well you remember Batman movies.

Batman and villains


Gotham City is a fictional gloomy and gothic "dark mirror of New York below 47th Avenue" with a very high crime rate. Here dwells the same gloomy and gothic hero. Dressed in a stylish black bat costume, he runs through the night streets of the city, inspiring terror in the hearts of criminals, villains and just passers-by. And almost no one realizes that in fact, under the harsh guise of Batman hiding Bruce Wayne - the carefree major, oligarch, philanthropist and playboy.

Batman Movies Quiz - Batman


  • Dark Knight's worst antagonist - the Joker, a crazy clown, an adherent of chaos, a psychopath, a flagellant, a man of infinite wit. Between his sweet tricks, the Joker comfortably rests in a special regime psychiatric hospital - Arkham. But no less remarkable are the other guests of this institution.
  • For example, Two-faced - obsessed with a split personality, a former attorney and friend of Bruce. Criminals burned half of his face with acid. After the incident, he become crazy and he began to determine all his actions by throwing a silver coin.
  • Like Batman himself, his enemies usually do not possess any superpower. So Riddler - has a jump on puzzles and riddles, is a connoisseur of math and a cunning manipulator with megalomania.

Batman Movies Quiz - Batman and his enemies

  • Scarecrow is a kind professor of psychology obsessed with fears and actively promoting the masses a wonderful psychotropic drug which realizing all the phobias of patients.
  • Mad Hatter - another crazy scientist specializing in mind-controlling electrical devices.
  • Penguin - a fat, long-nosed shorty in a tailcoat, a hereditary gentleman, the dad of the criminal world. Compared to the others, he is mentally normal, except for its unhealthy affection for umbrellas and bird theme.
  • Separately, there are such colorful characters as Catwoman and Bane, the victim of the military experiment. They are not always the enemies of the Dark Knight and periodically act as his allies.

Batman Movies Quiz - Are you ready?