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Back to the Future Quiz – Get back in 1990!

Back to the Future - a fantastic comedy trilogy filmed in 1985-1990. Let's remember this masterpiece - let's start Back to the Future Quiz!

Back to the Future Quiz – Welcome

What is Back to the Future Quiz?

  1. We ask you 15 questions about Back to the Future movies.
  2. There are 4 possible answers, you must choose only one.
  3. Answer all questions and you will find out how well you remember Back to the Future movies.

Some Back to the Future "Time Paradox"

  • Fleeing from the terrorists, Marty reaches the transition speed at the Twin Pines Mall. Where two pines grow. In 1955, he immediately cuts one of these pines with his car. Returning to the year 1985, he discovers that the shopping center is now called Lone Pine Mall.

Back to the Future Quiz – Twin Pines Mall

  • The film was released in June 1985, so in the evening on October 26 of the same year, a many fans come together in the City of Industry in the parking of the Puente Hills Mall, which starred in the film as "Twin Pines Mall". But what if?
  • At the graduation party in 1955, Marty performed the song “Johnny B. Goode”, which was first recorded in 1958 by Chuck Berry (later many people performed this song, including the Beatles). Marvin Berry, the cousin of Chuck, attended the same ball. Inspired by the song, he called his cousin and gave him to listen to a new melody on the phone. The same scene was later in Family Guy, only with Rick Roll and in The Simpsons, with Homer mowing down under Kurt Cobain.
  • The guitar that Marty plays in 1955 at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance - the Gibson ES-345 series. A good guitar even by today's standards, but only one trouble - Mr. Gibson's company did it only in 1957.

Back to the Future Quiz – Marty and Gibson ES-345

  • Lorraine, saying goodbye to Marty, thoughtfully says: "Marty ... Good name." Perhaps that is why she named her son Marty. Thus, Marty was named after ... himself.
  • Biff from 2015 transfers sports almanac to himself in the 1955th. Glancing briefly at him, he says with irony, “Florida will win the 1997 baseball world championship, of course.” The film was released in 1989. Eight years later, the Florida team, the Miami Marlins, really won the World Baseball Championships. Most interesting - in 1989, Florida did not have a baseball team at all, and the Miami Marlins did not exist yet!

Back to the Future Quiz - Are you ready?