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Easter Quiz – True or False

So what is the Easter Quiz?

  1. We will show you 8 statements about Easter Holidays.
  2. There are two possible answers - True or False.
  3. If you're make mistake, don't worry! Wrong answered questions will be shown again at the end of quiz until the correct answer is received.

Interesting Facts about Easter

  • In many cultures, eggs are considered a symbol of rebirth. But Easter eggs exchange takes place before Easter.
  • The biggest chocolate Easter egg was made in Italy in 2011, whose weighed 7,200 kg, and its height is more than 10 meters.
  • On Easter Day in Sweden, witches walk around the cities.
  • When the inhabitants of ancient Persia and Egypt celebrated the arrival of spring, they exchanged painted eggs.
  • Nowadays, one of the most popular Easter's game in the United States is the rolling of on the street. The winner is the one whose egg rolls farthest before stopping.
  • In Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic earlier at Easter, women poured water. The inhabitants of these European countries considered the water healing, contributing to female fertility.
  • Bulgarian residents can also boast of their Easter tradition. Here before Easter, a large number of clay pots are made. On a holiday, people climb onto the roofs of their houses (or the upper floors of high-rise buildings) and drop ceramics so that it breaks onto the ground.
  • In Russia, it was accepted that the hostess stayed at home to prepare dishes while the head of the family visited with congratulations to acquaintances.
  • In Catholic Italy, the traditional treats include an unusual dove-shaped cupcake and a variety of cakes.
  • Easter is replete with interesting traditions of celebration in various countries. But one trend can be traced: in whatever corner of the world this holiday is celebrated, it is everywhere runs along with fun and a pleasant atmosphere.

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