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Guess the Car Brand Quiz

Henry Ford started the auto business, as a serious occupation, in the USA. He successfully joked with the phrase: "Customers can order a model T of any color, provided that this color is black". By the way, he also invented a day off for workers and began to sell cars at affordable prices. We offer you Guess the Car Brand Quiz - check yourself!

Guess the Car Brand Quiz - Cars

So what is the "Guess the Car Brand Quiz"?

  1. We show you 15 photos of cars.
  2. You must choose only one right answer - manufacturing company.
  3. If you're make mistake, don't worry! Wrong answered questions will be shown again at the end of quiz until the correct answer is received.

Interesting facts about The United States' Big Three.

There are General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Corporation.

General Motors

They bought trams, reworked and sold buses to the government for replacement. They equipped coolest seats in these buses with a “Whites only” sign. General Motors was fined just $5000 for all of this, revealing the true level of American corruption. When people began to buy cars in large quantities, bus companies went bankrupt. However, General Motors jumped over and began to sell... the same buses, but for five/six places and in trimmed bodies. Called them sedans and trucks, and processed the brains of the population that driving a car with an eight-liter V8 engine is cool. Since then, this fashion has fallen, which has now passed, the main slogan of which is the thesis “Fuck the fuel economy”.


It is useful to say that Henry Ford's textbook phrase on black paint was due to an extremely simple physical fact - paints of other colors at the time of drying gave strong divorces. In addition, he used the black paint at that time was the only one that dried in three days (and not two weeks, like all other colors).


They made cool pompous cars, including in conjunction with Mercedes, but the people did not appreciate. The collapsed Chrysler decided to buy the Italian Fiat to attach its eco-friendly engines to the cool cars and to have a good profit from this business. However, the Americans showed the Italians that it was not for nothing that a significant number of German Jewish society emigrated to the United States at one time, and sold them a company, from which all engineers had left during the “successful management” period. Vice-presidents remained to design new competitive cars under the strict guidance of lazy blacks from the UAW. Fiat was a little disappointed with the purchase.

It seems you are ready to start Guess the Car Brand Quiz?