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Solar System Quiz – What do you know about it?

We have known for a relatively long time about The Solar System, but it still hides many mysteries. So let's remember some interesting facts about it and start The Solar System quiz! Solar System Quiz - Model of Solar System

So what is the "The Solar System quiz"?

  1. We ask you 8 questions about the Solar System.
  2. There are three possible answers, you must choose only one.
  3. If you're make mistake, don't worry! Wrong answered questions will be shown again at the end of quiz until the correct answer is received.

Some Facts about the Solar System.

  • Mars is a complex and unexplored planet that has recently been the focus of attention of astronomers and astrophysicists. The reason for this was multiple disputes regarding the presence of liquid forms of water and various types of microorganisms on it. For example, not so long ago, astronomers put forward the theory that living bacteria on Earth were brought in by Martian asteroids.
  • Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), a satellite of Mars, entered service in 2006. For 8 years took a lot of amazing pictures that we can see in free access on the Internet. MRO filmed Martian storms similar to terrestrial tornadoes.
  • We already known a lot of information about Neptune and Uranus. Researchers suggest that on the surfaces of these planets are huge oceans of liquid carbon with icebergs from diamonds. Tiny diamonds can fall on gas giants as precipitation.
  • The physical properties of dark matter are one of the greatest secrets of modern cosmology. And still no keys were found to answer the most important questions about matter, which constitutes the majority of the mass of the Universe. At the moment, humanity knows only some features of its behavior. In particular, dark matter seems to be dragging galaxies from the solar system together, preventing them from dissipating. Thus, dark matter plays a significant role in the inner workings of the solar system. This becomes especially noticeable when observing its effects on spacecraft.

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