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Guess the Pokemon Quiz!

Do you remember all the Pokemons? I bet you can’t call it a half! We offer you to try your hand in our "Guess the Pokemon Quiz".


Ash and Pikachu - Guess the Pokemon Quiz

So what is "Guess the Pokemon Quiz"?

  1. We show you 20 Pokemons.
  2. There are three possible answers - names. Try to guess!
  3. If you're make mistake, don't worry! Wrong answered questions will be shown again at the end of quiz until the correct answer is received.

Interesting facts about Pokemon.

  • The idea of Pokemon came to mind Japanese Satoshi Tajiri, when he, collecting beetles, thought about how to convey to other people the same emotions that he experienced. It was then that he came up with the idea of a game where players would collect certain animal-like creatures, grow them and exchange them with each other. Together with several friends, he founded Game Freak magazine and created the first version of the Pokemon game. It had 25 monsters, and it was not published anywhere.
  • Satoshi managed to push the game through Nintendo, and soon the first pair of pokemon games came out.
  • But it was not just a collecting game. One of its goals was to become the champion of the local Pokemon League, training their Pokemon and competing with other coaches. The peculiarity was that any battle ends when the enemy pokemons fall exhausted - but no more. The game was a great success, as well as the manga and anime that followed.

Written with a twist of irony.

The world of Pokemon is the same as ours, more precisely like Japan. In the literal sense. Four, at the moment, the existing region in geography almost exactly reproduce the different regions of Japan. But in the fourth generation, near Hokkaido, there is a piece of Sakhalin. The fifth is like New York, the sixth is like France, the seventh is like Hawaii. But instead of animals there live pokemons.

People mercilessly exploit them. In addition, Pokemon perform in this world the role of gladiators of ancient Rome, that is, entertain the public with their fights. Poachers (who proudly call themselves Pokemon trainers) track down the animal peacefully walking through the forest and set their already enslaved Pokemon on them so that the slave can beat him half to death, leaving the poor animal to escape the portable dungeon called the pokeball. After this, the new slave is forced to live in hellish conditions. Every day is a series of meaningless battles for the fun of the exploiter-man, living in a dark ball, from which he comes out only to taste the blood again, and feeding, which is necessary only for the Pokemon not to die of hunger at all.

It seems you are ready to start?