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Harry Potter Quiz – How well do you remember?

Naturally, such a notable phenomenon as Harry Potter was awarded a film incarnation. Let's find out how well you remember these movies - welcome to Harry Potter Quiz!

Harry Potter Quiz - Welcome

What is "Harry Potter Quiz"?

  1. We ask you 15 questions about Harry Potter movies.
  2. There are 4 possible answers, you must choose only one.
  3. Answer all questions and you will find out how well you remember Harry Potter movies.

A few words about the adaptation of Harry Potter

WarnerBros bought the rights to the Harry Potter universe in bulk. Mom Joanne Rowling did not much related with the films, limiting herself to sluggish consultations and the strange requirement that the actors be of the same nationality as the characters in the book. Have these films been successful? This is a question.

Harry Potter Quiz - Ron and Hermiona

  • Firstly, the frequent change of directors clearly did not benefit the series. Since each of them pulled a blanket in his direction.
  • Secondly, the film adaptation of such a number of letters is difficult in itself, especially in the fourth and fifth films.
  • Thirdly, over time it became obvious that the casting was largely failed - the skinny Rupert Grint suddenly grew into a hefty muscled man, Radcliffe became a gloomy unshaven crazy, and the sixty-year-old Rickman's belly is harder to hide under the mantle. However, exquisitely noble, refined Bellatrix turned out to be similar to a cheap sadomasochistic woman.
  • Fourthly, in the film adaptations some characters and related storylines are completely absent.

It is worth noting separately that the films (in any case the first three) are very much helped by good, suitable music from the accomplished composer John Williams. For the fourth part, Williams did not write the soundtrack, which was not slow to affect the quality of the film. By the fifth and sixth film, the no less respected composer Nicholas Hooper wrote.

Harry Potter Quiz - Are you ready?