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Star Wars Original Trilogy Quiz – Let’s remember

Star Wars is a well-known science fantasy soap cosmoopera. It tells about the influence of personality on the fate of the galaxy, about the long-standing battle between good and evil, about immortality, about the inhabitants of other worlds and about all other. Let's remember Original Trilogy - welcome to Star Wars Original Trilogy Quiz!

Star Wars Original Trilogy Quiz - Welcome

What is Star Wars Original Trilogy Quiz?

  1. We ask you 15 questions about Star Wars Original Trilogy.
  2. There are 4 possible answers, you must choose only one.
  3. Answer all questions and you will find out how well you know Star Wars Original Trilogy.

Star Wars Memes

The series has generated a lot of memes and significant concepts, thousands of them, to be exact. Such as “Do not want”, “It’s a trap” and the most famous phrase is “Luke, I Am Your Father”.

These aren't the droids you're looking for

The phrase from the Episode IV when Obi-Wan used Jedi hypnosis. He convinced two stormtroopers like traffic cops that the droids sitting in his car were not at all, what they were ordered to find.

Also, phrase is pronounced with a characteristic hypnotic movement of the hand in front of the eyes of person.

Star Wars Original Trilogy Quiz - Droids Meme

Stormtrooper effect

Stormtrooper effect (syndrome) - cinema or literary template, named after the imperial stormtroopers.

It consists in the fact that a crowd of heavily armed warriors cannot overcome the protagonist by shooting or hitting with swords anything except hero. The attacking guys usually dance around him, performing some ceremonial gestures of arms and wait for their turn. Although, it seems, nothing prevents them from attacking the protagonist with a crowd.

Almost all action games, arcades, role playing games are built on the same principle. Because if you look at the statistics of the game, it turns out that the simple soldier John, for whom you played, made literally hundreds of corpses during the story.

Star Wars Original Trilogy Quiz - Stormtroopers