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Minecraft Mobs Quiz – How well do you know them?

Despite the fact that the graphics are not like Crysis, almost twenty million people have already bought the game. And over thirty million have registered with Such sales indicate that the game industry is not completely lost and people are interested in games with a soul. Welcome to Minecraft Mobs Quiz!

Minecraft Mobs Quiz - Welcome

What is Minecraft Mobs Quiz?

  1. We ask you 15 questions about Minecraft Mobs.
  2. There are 4 possible answers, you must choose only one.
  3. Answer all questions and you will find out how well you know Minecraft Mobs.

World of Minecraft

The world is endless. Well, almost. In the world, everything consists of cubes: square forests, fields, seas and deserts. All this is illuminated by the rising and setting real-time square sun and moon creating a very nice picture. In the land there are many minerals that can be dug with various tools.

Minecraft Monsters

The name "Survival" is also taken for a reason - in the game there are monsters (the same cubic as everything else). Monsters appear in poorly lit places - at night or in dark dungeons. In the afternoon, for the most part, they die or cease to be aggressive. Due to the presence of monsters and their suddenness, the game is even considered quite a full-fledged Survival Horror.

Minecraft Mobs Quiz - World of Minecraft

Neutral mobs

Of the neutral ones: square cows, chicken, pigs, sheep, wolves, ocelots, snow and iron golems, squid, octopuses, horses (including donkeys). Which, like blocks, serve as a source of various resources. You can even tame wolves, ocelots and horses, giving the first a bone, the second a fish, but the third you need to walk around them.

Hostile Mobs

The list of hostile mobs consist of completely standard set of the army of the lord of darkness:

  • slugs
  • skeletons
  • zombies
  • spiders
  • pig zombies
  • flying set fire chandeliers with head
  • giant flying flamethrower jellyfish
  • lanky black creatures similar to crying angels with their dragon dad
  • silverfish
  • creepers
Hostile mobs usually appear only in the dark, which automatically makes an “interesting cave” and a “beautiful unlit mound” a hostile territory.

Minecraft Mobs Quiz - Are you ready?