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Continent by Country Quiz

Continent by Country Quiz - guess the continent where country is situated. Only 29% people completed this quiz gave correct answers. File:The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg

So what is the Continent by Country Quiz?

  1. We will show you 10 country name with flags one by one.
  2. There are three possible answers - three continents, where countries can be located.
  3. You must choose the only correct answer.
  4. If you're make mistake, don't worry! Wrong answered questions will be shown again at the end of quiz until the correct answer is received.

Interesting Facts about some countries.

  • Shanghai is the most world populous city in the thanks to its 24,150,000 permanent residents.
  • The largest producer of opium: Afghanistan. It produces an incredible 95% of all opium in the world.
  • Defining the world oldest city in generates many discussions. So far, as a compromise solution, Damascus in Syria has been recognized as the main oldest city.
  • The clay surface in Death Valley allows the wind to move stones in different directions along the surface.
  • The weight of the largest atlas of the Earth is 250 kilograms, and it is stored in Berlin.
  • There is a lake in Algeria, which water can be used as ink.
  • Niger is the country with the very young population in the world . More than a half peoples of Niger is under sixteen years old. Since 75% of the territory is dry desert, it seems that the only thing left to do is children.
  • The inhabitants of Switzerland seems the most free people in terms of their sexual wellness. Against the background of a calm attitude to pornography and prostitution, as well as sexual education from an early age, more than one fifth of all Swiss people value their intimate life as “excellent.”
  • Sierra Leone is the country with the shortest lifespan, where the people lives on average no more than 46-47 years.
  • The capital of South Korea, Seoul, is the champion of Internet access for the population. The city budget is supporting shared network with 10 thousand free Wi-Fi points.
  • The number of cats living as pets in US homes, currently stands at 76.43 million. Thus, the United States is the unconditional leader in the living dear friends of people.

It seems you are ready to start?