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Frozen Trivia Quiz

When an ancient prediction comes true and the kingdom plunges into the embrace of an eternal winter, three fearless heroes - Princess Anna, brave Kristoff and his faithful deer Sven - go to the mountains to find Anna's sister, Elsa, who can remove the freezing spell from the country. Along the way, they are waiting for many exciting surprises and exciting adventures: meeting with mystical trolls, with a charming snowman named Olaf, mountain peaks and magic in every snowflake. Let's see how well you remember these adventures - welcome to Frozen Trivia Quiz!

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Welcome to Frozen Trivia Quiz

Do you know that...

The creators of the cartoon had to take a crash course in meteorology before starting work to learn more about snow. The animators invited Dr. Ken Libbrecht from the Institute of Technology to tell them about the formation of snow crystals.

What is "Frozen Trivia Quiz"?

  1. We will ask you 10 questions about Frozen.
  2. There are many possible answers, you must choose only one.
  3. Answer all questions and you will find out how well you know Frozen.

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